Be Global, Speak Local

  • Instantly flirt with foreigners, or just get directions to a hotel 
  • lingopal is fun and easy to use
  • lingopal will works on 300+ phones (alpha version – just a few phones)
  • and for now, lingopal is free to try (alpha version)

“So what is lingopal?”

lingopal is a very simple, multi-language phrase book that works on your mobile phone. It’s great to live in a multi-cultural world but it can be frustrating when you don’t speak the language. lingopal puts 22 languageson your mobile phone so they are always at your fingertips and the right phrase can be on the tip of your tongue. It’s your secret weapon for being that smooth jet-setter you’ve always wanted to be.

“Give me an example?”

The Stopover:

“Your plane lands in Stockholm, Sweden and you’ve got a six hour wait. You jump in a cab and race into town for some authentic Smörgåsbord. You pull out your mobile phone, set it to translate from English to Swedish and know instantly how to ask for a table, a couple of cold beers and even throw in a compliment for the chef. You wander back to the airport with a full belly and the memory of a very impressed waitress.

The Big Move:

You’re on a train leaving Montpellier, France. You really want to sit by the cutie in the corner. With a quick check on your mobile phone to make sure it’s set to translate from English to French you say “Cette place est-il prise?” She smiles and moves her bag for you to sit down. You follow up with “Merci beaucoup …” Your pitch perfect French will really bring a smile to her face.

The Linguist:

You’re waiting in an office foyer to meet someone and you remember that he is Latvian. Whipping out your mobile phone, you quickly set it to translate from English to Latvian and learn ‘Pleasure to meet you’. It takes 20 seconds but the look on his face makes it all the more worthwhile.
Once you’ve got lingopal, you’ll never know how you lived without it.

Be the first – try the alpha version:

(English, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Czech and French only for now)

Free application to learn new languages: conjugation, grammar, vocabulary, etc.

On our mobile application, you can see how to conjugate verbs in different languages.

:: Learn German. German courses at the ActiLingua Academy

Our main goal is to satisfy our students’ needs
Since people learn better in a pleasant atmosphere, comfortable accommodation and quality teaching is as important for us as a wide-ranging cultural and leisure programme.

That’s why we offer students a central location in the heart of Vienna, modern classrooms, a study room with computers, videos and a library, open all year round, as well as the choice of accommodation with a family, in an apartment or in a hall of residence.

:: Learn German. Good reasons to learn German:

Over 120 million people speak German in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, parts of Belgium, Northern Italy and Eastern France.

German is a key language in the European Union and fast-developing countries in Eastern Europe-a language that will enhance your career opportunities.

German is one of the most significant languages in Western culture. It has been the instrument for communication of such giants of our civilisation as Goethe, Mozart, Beethoven, Freud, Klimt and Einstein, and many other artists and scientists.

:: Learn German. Destinations where you can study German…

German is spoken in Austria.
A correct, pure type of German that is particularly soft and melodious. At the ActiLingua school, you will learn standard German following a recognised method.

Vienna is one of the world’s most beautiful cities.
Often called the cultural capital of Europe, Vienna is a clean, safe city with its own unique charm and excellent facilities. It offers everything you could possibly expect to create a stimulating atmosphere for language learning. For more information, see our main page in English.

Learn German conjugation

Learning German conjugation is essential and can be quite difficult! As in English, German verbs are conjugated in different tenses which you need to know well in order to progress in German and speak at a suitable level. The tenses in German can be difficult to learn and even very difficult if you don’t speak English. There are a lot of irregular verbs in German… However, there are verb conjugators that can make your life easier!

The best place to learn conjugation, there’s no doubt about it, there’s no better place to learn German: German Conjugation

:: Learn French. Reasons for enrolling at the Accord Language School

The ACCORD Language School offers unbeatable conditions for learning French and discovering French culture:

· A warm, friendly atmosphere.
· A dynamic, modern teaching method including contemporary culture.
· The lively Paris area.
· A typical Parisian building with clean, bright classrooms, located in the centre of the cit, just a few minutes’ walk from the Louvre, the Opera, Notre-Dame, the Pompidou Centre and the Marais district.
· The school is open all year round for students and professionals from France and abroad.

The Accord Language School enjoys CSN approval for Northern European countries and Bildungsurlaub approval for several regions of Germany.

The Accord Language School is registered as a private further education institute (Paris Academy, agreement No. 588) and has signed a formal agreement with the University of Paris VII and Paris V.

The Accord Language School is a member of SOUFFLE (the professional association for quality in schools of French as a Foreign Language), Maison de la France, The French Youth Tourism Club (part of the Maison de la France) and ELITE (European Federation of National Associations for the Teaching of First Languages to Foreign Students).

The Accord Language School is in contact with many travel agencies specialising in language learning.

Learn French conjugation

Learning conjugation in French is absolutely essential! As in the English language verbs are conjugated differently, it is best to use a verb conjugator to check verbs in French.