The Beauty of Languages, Communicating With People

Even if the fact that language is unique to humanity can be refuted since some animals communicate with each other, the complexity and richness of human language has allowed humans to form a society and to emerge from animality. In our everyday lives, language is everywhere, whether written or spoken. It allows everything from exchange between people to education and transmission. At Lingopal, we are driven by the promotion of foreign languages and language in general. We are continually developing our services to offer you language-related resources. At its creation in 2020, the website ventured into the incredible odyssey of conjugation by setting up one of the most extensive conjugation systems in the world. In the future we want to develop new services (translation, writing, communication, editing) and make Lingopal a recognised brand and market leader.

At present, you can find tools on the site to help you learn the English language. We believe that the English language, without judging its beauty and without comparing it to other languages, allows people from very different backgrounds to communicate with each other. It has a universal character that no other language has. This is why we have decided to concentrate our efforts on this service in the first instance, but it is not the only service you will find on Lingopal...

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Lingopal Speaks Multiple Languages

Discover the Lingopal website in several different languages. While there are hundreds of languages and dilaects in the world, we strive to offer our services in the most widely spoken languages of the world. The idea is to reach as many people as possible in order to achieve our mission: to help people communicate with other people by promoting languages! Here are the languages we are able to offer to date, hoping in the near future to cover your language if it is not already part of our selection: